We are a producer and an exporter of indoor and outdoor teak fine furniture, Indonesia furniture, french furniture, painted furniture, rattan furniture and handicraft. We produce a wide ranges of fine furnitures using only legal selected teak raw material, and our expertise craftsmen would do best to provide high-end output for all our customers. Closely supervised by our management team, we provides selected models and designs as you wish. Also, we are as well welcome for your own designs.

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we are manufacturer and exporter of indoor and outdoor furniture . we are located in Jepara - Central Java - Indonesia . CV . DE'EF INDONESIA Our products are made from materials such options : teak wood , mahogany wood , chinaberry wood , we also make furniture / furniture from rattan material . Style / model of our furniture is Indonesian furniture , French Furniture ( Furniture French style ) , Painted Furniture ( furniture polish ) , Rattan Furniture ( Rattan Furniture ) , Classic furniture ( classic furniture ) , Antique Furniture ( antique furniture ) , furniture Jepara , Indonesia furniture , and crafts . in producing goods using the raw materials of our furniture selection and we will do our best to provide the best results for consumers . Our production will be closely monitored by our management team , so that goods get to the right consumer - can completely satisfy . We provide a range of models so you can choose any product satisfied .

Services is our most priority concern. Thus, you can count on our deliveries timetable and competitive prices. Anyway, it will mean nothing unless you give us a contact and purchase our products so you may experiences yourself the way we serve you.

Durable and elegant furnitures are our mission.

Since 2006 defurniture Indonesia has been producing high quality designed furniture for our customerst. Our relationship with all company has proved to be one of the most important ingredients in our furniture business strategy, which is focused squarely on our customers’ requirements. During those years, we have received from our customers numerous compliments on defurniture Indonesia quality craftsmanship. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the courteous and prompt service witch have given us over years. Whenever there has been a small problem, it has been rectified to our complete satisfaction, and without any charge, which continues to amaze us. We also enjoyed how personally involved Mr. Deri Setiawan were from beginning to end, through the entire process including an ordering, shipping and full satisfaction of our final customer. defurniture Indonesia look forward to do business with, again and again in the coming years.

Our company makes furniture that is certainly durable , elegant and of course high quality is our mission .

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